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Each Perfect Gift~~Book Review

What do you do when the sins of your past rise from the dead? 

Ben Picoletti’s conversion astounded the little town of Chetham, Rhode Island – and no one more than the pastor’s daughter, whose heart Ben seeks to win… despite his shameful history. After all, the cross of Christ has removed Ben’s sins as far as the east is from the west, hasn’t it? 

Yet, as Christmas 1937 draws near, Ben’s past returns to trouble him – and to force Ben to grapple with the practical meaning of forgiveness and grace in his own life… and in the lives of those around him. 

A story for anyone who has ever been haunted by the consequences of choices they once made, Each Perfect Gift brings a message of the true redemption that is found in Christ alone. 

Each Perfect Gift is the first story in the series A LEGACY OF GRACE, an off-shoot of the original A TIME OF GRACE series, featuring beloved Grace Picoletti and Paulie Giorgi. If you crave emotional, old-fashioned stories with strong spiritual heart, a reaffirmation of God's continual work in everyday people's lives and hearts, and memorable characters whose redemption is deep and realistic, you've come to the right place!


From my sister's desk comes another beautiful, deeply moving novel just in time for the Christmas season. If you have read her A Time of Grace Series, you will recognize the characters from those books as their story continues to unfold in Each Perfect Gift. For those of you who have grown to love Paulie, Grace, Sarah, Dr. Giorgi, and Ben, this book perfectly draws Ben's story to a painfully swelling and then beautifully satisfying close while including those other characters that we have all come to love from Alicia's previous books as she offers us glimpses into each of their journeys. 

I think that I love Alicia's books not just because they are so very well-written and researched, but because she writes with conviction and with compassion; I don't think that I have read one of her books without crying at some point or without relating to at least one of the characters in her books on a deeper level. She writes with conviction in the sense that her books are deeply scriptural and based on scriptural principles without being "preachy." She writes with compassion in the sense that there is always mercy for the sinner in her stories as well as mercy and compassion for those who are often the "outcasts" of Christian "society." 

As usual in Alicia's books, a beautiful thread of redemption runs through--and Each Perfect Gift is no exception~both for the newly-born saint (Ben) and for the sinner (Annie)~~ a thread of redemption that glistens red like Rahab's rope hanging from a window in Jericho. 

The book follows their stories (Ben's and Annie's), giving exquisite attention to detail and drawing the reader's mind and heart back~~again and again~~ to the hope that is found in Jesus Christ despite the mistakes that have been made in the past or the sins that have been committed. 

There is always a way . . . perhaps not a way "out" in the sense of running away from the consequences of sin or from past mistakes, but a way of redemption~~

This book is laced with the truth that God takes even our sinful choices or the choices that we have made in ignorance and works good in and through them when we come to Him in a spirit of humility and repentance and with submission to His perfect plan for our lives in and through our mistakes (not despite them). 

The Lord is able to redeem, restore, rebuild . . . and this is seen in the lives of both Ben and Annie. 

Things that I loved about this book~~

~Ben's struggle to do what is right and his willingness to face the consequences of his past sins rather than running away from them.

~Annie's "hardness" at the beginning of the book that turns to softness near the end at the time of her conversion.

~The characterization of Betty, the Pastor's daughter; I really enjoyed her "inner dialogue" and the glimpses into her mind and heart throughout the book-- I loved the way that the softening of her heart somewhat reversely mirrored that of Annie's softening. 

~The very clear, scriptural salvation message and that message's implications for a believer's everyday choices expressed throughout the decisions that Alicia's characters make throughout the book. 

~The historical accuracy and careful attention to detail.

~The ending of the story and the way in which Alicia beautifully ties all of the details together in her book. 

I won't give away too much of the story, but I would encourage you to read Each Perfect Gift . . . even if you haven't read the A Time of Grace series, Each Perfect Gift may be read as a stand-alone. 

So go on! Pick up a copy and make your self a great big mug of steaming hot chocolate and read this beautiful book . . . it will deeply bless your heart. 

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