Monday, July 1, 2019

Homeschooling For Structure

Let all things be done decently and in order.
I Corinthians 14:40

Summer is here, and as I look back and reflect upon the past year of homeschooling my children, one theme (most prominently ) comes to mind--structure in our homeschooling. 

Structure. It's been the word niggling on my thoughts lately, brought consistently to my mind through the daily events that occur in my life and in the lives of my children. Structure-- and its close relatives--discipline, order, and peace. 

Without structure, things fall apart. We need it in every area of life. An undisciplined pianist who never practices or does so on the whim or infrequently will never become a master of their craft. The student who never studies will accrue a mediocre education, though they may attend the best schools and be a highly intelligent person. When we play a simple game of croquet, or baseball, or soccer, we need rules--we need structure. Otherwise the game falls apart and as I was explaining to my kids the other day--is no fun! Everyone just runs around in a nonsensical sort of chaos like the famed caucus race in Carroll's Alice in Wonderland

The word "structure" has become an almost frowned on idea in the society in which we live, and yet it is the framework of any successful society! Especially in the area of raising children, I see this to be true. We have slowly drifted away from the very structured forms of education that we used to embrace, and which used to produce disciplined, work-ready adults. 

I'm not advocating that the education systems of earlier times were wholly without fault. Nothing on this side of eternity is flawless; we live in a fallen world and are fallen human beings. There is a strictness that is uglified by harshness. There is structure that is so stiff that it stifles creativity. But let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater--because structure, and yes, strictness in a loving fashion can produce children who are highly creative, intelligent, and useful (trained) for the Lord's work and who do not carry the burdens of laziness, disrespect for authority, and inability to listen to anyone but themselves that are traits so characteristic of this society.  We should embrace godly, biblical structure which lines up with the teaching of Scripture, and trust that the Lord will work through it to His glory. 

I want to add a note here. When I am talking about structure, I am not suggesting that there is only one way to implement structure in the home.  The Lord creates different people with individual characteristics. Kids are different. Family structures vary from each other--for example, a military home may have a father who is absent for months out of the year; other families live on the mission field or travel for months out of the year to the mission field. There are single mothers who are trying to raise their children alone, without any help from a father.  Obviously, not every family must structure their homes or their homeschooling in exactly the same way or order their day minute by minute, necessarily.  My point here is not that all structure must be uniform; my point is that the Word of God exhorts us to implement structure in our homes--whatever that may look like for individual families as they bow before the Word of God--without any structure, there is chaos and unrest--even if the outward appearance may look calm and peaceful. 

We have come away so strongly from this idea of structure in our "modern" times. We are technologically advanced, but undisciplined. We think that we "know it all," that we have arrived, have figured it all out, that those who have gone before us were ignorant of the great knowledge that we now possess.  

The Word of God consistently admonishes us to consider the ancient paths (Jeremiah 6:16), to look to those older than we are for advice (Job 12:12, I Kings 12:8) , to remember history and the lessons that were learned so that we do not repeat the mistakes of those men and women who have gone before us (Deuteronomy 8:2, I Corinthians 11:2). 

And yet, we think that we don't need any advice; we live right now in a society where many of its younger members are actually considering socialism--a fallen, broken system that has never worked. A system that has only produced chaos, poverty, and despair. And yet many, many young people are embracing it head on--running into the arms of a treacherous beast. Because they don't understand history. Because they think that they "know it all" --and have been encouraged to think that way. Because we live in a society that thinks it has "arrived," "figured it out," that we are smarter than our forefathers. We have become a foolish, unstructured society of chaos in many, many ways. 

We need to fight chaos. We need rules. We need structure. We need order; we need discipline. 

These words sound restricting and confining, but they actually (when used correctly) are the means to order and peace and grace. 

This is what I am fighting for in my home and in my homeschooling. And what every parent may fight for and strive for whether they home school their children or not. 

We have an incredible opportunity by the grace of God to teach our children in a structured, disciplined way. This mirrors the truth of God's Word and will set our children up to embrace whatever calling the Lord has for their life--and most importantly, teach them the fear of the Lord--the beginning of all true knowledge. 

In every missionary and Christian biography I have read, structure has been a huge part of those men and women's lives who were greatly used by God. Structure that we would now call strictness and *gasp!* harshness and the stifling of creativity. Read any missionary biography--Amy Carmichael, David Livingstone, James O. Fraser, Elisabeth Elliot, John Wesley, Hudson Taylor, John G. Paton--the list goes on and on and on-- all of their lives were characterized by structure and discipline from the time that they were children --in those whose lives were not, structure and discipline were embraced in their lives tremendously after they became believers.  We have come so far from the discipline of those times. And I believe that it has harmed the church as a whole rather than helped it. 

I struggle for structure; daily. As a mother of two home schooled children, I have found it challenging to embrace structure in our home schooled life. Simply because in a formal school, a child has to sit still. They have scheduled times for recess, rules on the playground, set times in which they must fulfill tasks, homework to complete, and so on. 

I was talking to my sister, who works in a Christian school and she mentioned that the games on the playground always go better when a teacher is there to direct them. There is less fighting, less disorganization, less chaos--more fun and true play for the kids! Why? Because direction and structure--leaving room for creativity-- work! Rules (not excessive, but practical ones) work! Less people get hurt; there is less whining and crying and pouting. Everyone knows what to do and that there will be consequences for the breaking of rules--we see this concept illustrated simply in operating a vehicle on the road. If one runs a stoplight, they get a ticket--less people get hurt that way!

Home schooling presents the "opportunity" for less structure--the reason that many people actually have for homeschooling their children--but this is not my objective--

I want more structure. I want my children to learn to sit still for extended periods of time (they really are capable of it!). I want them to learn to study, to memorize, to keep rules, to have a schedule. This will help them to become capable adults and productive members of society! They will also, more importantly, learn to be disciplined in their life with the Lord. 

I believe that the "structure" that school provided for me was helpful--and I would have felt very frustrated without any structure, or less of it. My personality and especially my upbringing drove me toward a very disciplined approach to studying and pursuing my education--I never felt "stifled" by discipline and structure--rather freed by it! Structure is important. It doesn't stifle a child; rather, it gives them the tools to embrace all the opportunities there are in life with open hands and with an open heart to what the Lord's will is for their individual life. 

This is what I strive for in our daily lives--structure and order and peace. Rules that help, rather than hinder and stifle creativity--teaching my children self-control. Teaching my children that they need to sit still while we do our schooling. Teaching my children that there is a proper time for everything (Ecclesiastes 3:11); there is a time for schoolwork, for physical work, for play. That there should be a balance. I am trying, by the grace of God, and as I believe that the Holy Spirit is leading me, to create structure in my children's lives. 

Obviously, as I mentioned, this order in the home will manifest itself differently for different families, for individual needs of individual children, according to the particular pathway that the Lord has led a family on. There is no one "cookie cutter" rule of structure for every child and for every family. It varies based on the family's and the individual children's personality and needs. But there must be some standard by which we all can follow--and that is the Word of God. 

One of the best examples that I am surrounded by here in the Midwest of order and structure is the Amish families who live nearby us and who I have come into contact with. My brother-in-law who is a Pastor also works part-time for an Amish construction company; my sister at times, drives a group of Amish children to their one-room school in the winter.  And so through their connections and because of the proximity of many Amish to us, I have had the blessing of observing and hearing about some of the Amish habits and practices with their children. 

99%, if not 100% are well-behaved, well-adjusted children who speak respectfully to authority, who are incredibly hard working from an early age, who love their families deeply and preserve the "honor" of their family name, who are very "happy" and well rounded, who have (in their own way) a deep fear of God. I admire that. I don't think that the Amish are perfect; I can't judge whether they have a true, saving knowledge of the Gospel--but admire the way that they simply implement the godly principles laid out in Scripture to raise their (many!) children. I've often wondered; how do they maintain order and discipline in the home when the families have so many children! And yet, they do. They adhere to the basic instructions for order and discipline in the Word of God, teach their children from an early age a healthy fear of authority and a fear of God, work incredibly hard, and produce some of the most respectful, kind, hard-working children that I have ever encountered. One of them, a 13 year old boy, helped my husband with some heavy work in our home--demolishing a room and tearing out walls. He did it cheerfully, he worked steadily, he looked at you in the eye when he spoke; he removed his hat, washed his hands, and combed his hair before we ate lunch! What a joy to interact with children like that, who have been taught from an early age the basic principles of order and discipline. 

So as I witness examples like that, I fight for order and structure in our home and I prize it as something worth having. I don't want to "settle" for less than that--And as I fight for order and structure--I also find grace. I realize how many times I fail as a parent, how many times I "let things go" that I should be concerned about or on top of. I realize how many teachable moments are wasted; how I have often failed in lovingly disciplining my children. This is where the grace of God comes in. He shows us how far we fall short and then gives us the grace to pick up our mat and walk--as Elisabeth Elliot says, to do the next thing--to take the next opportunity that He gives us to clean up the mess of our lives. Because even though our lives are "messy," who wants to stay in the mess? For me, I would rather clean it up--allowing God to shape and mold and forgive and humble and teach me. He is the God of order and peace--how I desire that my life should mirror that! 

Structure, order, and discipline are not confining, as it is often thought--rather, they are liberating! They open opportunities to us that we would not have had without them. They free our spirits to be able to listen to advice, to be able to learn from other's past mistakes, to become men and women of God who can concentrate, focus, sit still during a sermon without our minds wandering off, to endure hardship for the sake of Christ because we have been disciplined (Hebrews 12:11). 

One of the best examples of structure and orderliness surrounds us on a daily basis here in the Midwest--growing corn. It is always done in basically the same way, producing (with the right conditions and by the grace of God) a beautiful crop of corn. Corn which feeds the many, many animals who live here and who we depend upon as a food and income source. Corn that grows in perfect, neat, orderly, rows. Corn that depends on sun and rain in the correct amounts. Corn that comes from God as the result of neatness and order and the discipline of the hardworking farmers who live here. They don't haphazardly throw it into the ground. They have a plan, a time-tested plan for planting and harvesting and distributing that has benefited millions of people and animals over the ages. Just in this simple illustration, the Lord gives us a picture of the importance of structure in our own daily lives--and of how we can implement structure and order in our lives with our children. 

Do children need to play; of course! But you will never convince me that bizarre, chaotic, unstructured, completely unsupervised playing is part of God's plan. 

Do children need to rest? Of course! But even rest can be orderly, balanced, and within a certain time frame. 

Do children need the opportunity to be creative? Of course! But creativity thrives in the framework of discipline. One only has to look at some of the beautiful masterpieces of art to see this and consider the hours of concentration and focus that it took to complete them. 

Children are starving for order, for directions, for an outlet to use all of the vast creativity that the Lord has given them; as parents we can channel all of their energy and creativity in the right directions. 

If there is anything that our generation is characterized by (to our shame) it is the absolute disregard for rules and disrespect for authority. Our children are growing up with no healthy fear of authority--and as a result--with no healthy fear of God. What a sad place to be! But as believers, we can fight against this norm and do things differently in the sphere of our home and wherever our influence reaches. 

Some examples are listed below of where structure and order are emphasized in the Word of God--

~In church services  (I Corinthians 12)
~During communion (I Corinthians 11:17-24)
~In the way that children relate to adults/their elders (Ephesians 6:1)
~How the church organized the deaconship and eldership (I Timothy 3:8-13, Acts 6:1-15)
~The way Noah's ark was built (Genesis 6:8-22)
~The way that the temple was built (I Chronicles 28)
~Speaking in tongues (I Corinthians 14:7-8)
~Adam naming and caring for the animals (Genesis 2:20)
~The way that the ark was to be carried (I Chronicles 15:15)
~Instructions for older and younger women and men in the church (Titus 2)

Areas (these are just a few!) where our children will benefit from learning structure and discipline: 

~In the workforce
~In their respect of law enforcement and authority figures (whether we agree completely with them or not)
~In being able to play and interact with other children
~In having respect for adults
~In being able to sit still in church services and hear the Word of God
~In being able to sit quietly for any set amount of time (it will vary according to the age of the child) and read books
~Sitting in the car for any amount of time during trips

I still remember when my children were younger and they were acting very silly in the backseat of my van. I was trying to talk to my Mom who was sitting in the passenger seat while I was driving. My kids had books that they could read; they could have been quieter, more self-controlled. My Mom looked at me and said--"Stop the car; and tell them that you are waiting for them to sit quietly before you go any further." It worked. 

With such examples in Scripture and from the evidence of daily life, we see that structure and order are important. They may look slightly different in different people's lives--but they will all--when genuine--mirror the order and grace of our Creator. 

Who cares (ultimately) if children are "smart" but they haven't learned to sit still and obey authority? Who cares (ultimately) if children are creative and yet they cannot submit to instruction or focus on a task? 

Creativity and intelligence are only useful when coupled with discipline and structure--one without the other is like a headless horse that cannot run and is therefore, not useful for anything. 

This is what I strive for in my homeschooling--this is what I pray for grace for for the coming year. I know that I'll fail--many, many times. There the grace is found. It is not perfection that God seeks, but a humble desire to be taught by the Word of God and to pursue what is good and pleasing to Him. 

May we pursue it; may I pursue it--to the glory of God and for the good of our souls and those of our children. 

Helpful Resources: 

~The Shaping of the Christian Family: Elisabeth Elliot (this is one of the best books that I've read on this subject)
~The Hidden Art of Homemaking: Edith Schaeffer

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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

When You've Made a Mistake~ The Mercy of Redemption

This winter I made a mistake. I noticed two rabbits for sale on a community yard sale group and felt sorry for them. Feeling sorry for them wasn't the bad part. The bad part was that I decided to take them in and care for them. When we picked them up, the first thought that struck me was how large they were--they looked so small in the picture! The rabbits (intended as meat rabbits) were literally puppy-sized and very "cozy" in the regular size cage that I intended to house them in until they could be outside in a hutch. 

One of our bunnies exploring the hay bin while I cleaned her cage this past winter :-)

I brought them home and realized my mistake. I hadn't strongly prayed about taking these rabbits in and now I found myself in a peculiar situation. The rabbits didn't fit in the cage that I had for them; they were huge--and they were mine. 

It was winter when I took them in; they stayed eventually in a cage in my mudroom and were a huge hassle to take care of. I was frustrated with myself. In the middle of homeschooling and all of the other responsibilities that I have, this was not what I needed-- Two large meat rabbits whose cage needed to be cleaned every few days and who would eventually (very soon) need a larger space. And one was nippy (they had been kept in a dark shed and not handled very much at all). I separated the rabbits and acquired a second cage. This was a little better, but not very much. 

I was frustrated with myself. I hadn't really prayed about the decision; I felt like the rabbits were distracting me away from time with my children, and they obviously were not small pets who could be easily kept in a guinea pig cage. I knew in my heart that I had made the wrong decision and was now facing the bleak and "depressing" consequences for it. 

So I waffled back and forth about what to do. If I kept them, they would be a huge amount of work and time commitment. I could give them away. I could rid myself of the responsibility. My brother-in-law works for an Amish family doing construction and they were willing to take the rabbits off of my hands. I strongly considered it. And I almost took this course of action. 

But then the Lord spoke to me. I felt uncomfortable giving the rabbits away. The feeling grew and grew in my spirit. I had made the commitment, taken the step of saying that I would take care of the rabbits--I had given my word in front of my children. I had taken responsibility, as wrong and as foolish as that may have been. 

I believed that the Lord was urging me to follow through on my decision. He was speaking to me, softening my heart--it was better to show my children that even though I had made the wrong decision in taking the rabbits in, that I would be faithful in caring for them since I had said that I would--it was better to keep my word, even to my own hurt and inconvenience. 

After I made this decision, the day after--one of my sisters walked in and said (along these lines), "Bekki; I want to talk to you about the rabbits; I think that you should keep them!" I explained to her that I had decided to keep them --and her words confirmed the conviction that I felt the day before. She had sensed from the Lord what I had sensed. 

It was such a freeing feeling. Instead of getting rid of the inconvenience, I embraced it. The Lord gave me a love for the rabbits and a desire to take care of them that had not been there before. My frustration was replaced with His peace. I realized that I could involve my children in caring for the rabbits and in loving them. I could show my children that we follow through on our word; that we keep our promises, that we care for what we said that we would care for. It was an opportunity to teach them. 

My children help me to clean their cages and to feed them, change their water, and to give them snacks of carrots and lettuce. They help me to put them in at night. It has been an opportunity to teach my young children responsibility and care for the Lord's creation. 

The Lord transformed a foolish mistake based on the feeling of the moment into a redemptive situation. As soon as it was spring, we built a structure for the bunnies outside--my children and my nephew helped to dig the huge trench (the wire had to be buried 2 feet deep because of predators --we live in the country) and to build the structure. The bunnies are so happy to be in a big space; and I know such a feeling of joy in obeying the Lord in following through on my decision. Almost every day my daughter Debbie wakes up earlier than her brother and lets the bunnies out of their hutches into their run and helps me to feed and water them. My son Elisha gives them their lettuce and carrot snacks and both children help me to clean the rabbit's cages. 

I was reminded through this situation that we live in a throw-away culture. If something doesn't work out or if we think that we made a mistake, we abandon it. We give up. We start fresh without any thought for redemption of what seems lost. 

When a wrong decision is made, we evade the consequences; we run away instead of dealing with them. 

Would it have been wrong for me to give the rabbits away when I realized what a huge responsibility they were? For me, it would have been--perhaps for someone else, it would not. But for me, as I believed God was speaking to me, it would have been the easy way, but I would have faced a second regret. 

We live in a society that embraces throwing things away. The abortion issue is a devastating example of this. 

People make mistakes--they sin--and then they try to rid themselves of the consequences, sometimes out of ignorance, sometimes out of blatant selfishness, sometimes because they don't have Christ and don't know how to handle a desperate, seemingly-confining and embarrassing situation. 

As Christians, we have the answer to this problem. 

The answer is Jesus Christ, the Author of redemption. The answer is His Word, that Word which urges us to follow through on our word, to face the consequences of our sins or foolish decisions, to offer Him the broken pieces of our lives and see what He does with them and how He redeems them for good. 

We may be stuck in a difficult situation because of our choices. But the Lord is merciful. We see this in David's life, especially in regards to his horrific sin with Bathsheba. 

David suffered agonizing consequences for that sin, but the Lord brought good--ultimately--from it. Not from David ignoring his sin or trying to push it under the rug or by justifying it, but only through heartfelt, sincere repentance and turning from the ugly choices that he had made. 

The Lord is merciful. He can redeem awful, devastating situations in our lives and bring beauty for ashes--when we submit to Him--when we repent and turn and cry out to him. He did it for the nation of Israel; He will do it for us when the repentance is real. 

In whatever situation you are facing in your life because of choices that you have made--poor choices, sinful choices--turn to God--not to the world's way of handling things--abandoning ship, justifying our actions, selfishly walking all over everyone and everything that gets in our way, but to God--the God of forgiveness and redemption. And in crying out to Him, mercy will come and the beauty of what He restores. 

It will never erase the sin, or the foolish act--but it will cover it with the mercy of redemption. 

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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Welcome Spring! And An Update :-)

Well . . . it seems as though spring has finally arrived here in Wisconsin. :-) We had a very long, cold winter this year. But I am again reminded of how the Lord refreshes and renews the earth; even after the harshest of winters--what a mighty and merciful God we serve!

We took in a wounded pheasant this year. She had to stay inside during some of the coldest weeks of winter (we had a polar vortex this year with temperatures in the negatives and winds chills up to -50). Here she is below in her cozy house awaiting spring's arrival! :-) She was so excited that she has been laying eggs lately! :-) I've read that they are rich and high in protein, so maybe my husband will be getting an omelet ;-). 

 She is a sweet, sweet bird who talks back (in a good way! ;-)) with a kind of cooing noise when you go near her cage. It seems like we will be keeping her since her wing still hangs down a little and building her a bigger enclosure outside. She even has a male friend who comes to visit!!:-) He wears cologne and swaggers (haha; just kidding about the cologne :-)). 

Our geraniums came inside this fall and have been quietly  sitting in the hallway upstairs. I love this reminder to me of life, even through the bleak days of winter. Soon, they can go back outside, too. 

This is the picture that my niece drew for our ministry newsletter :-). For those of you who aren't familiar with our ministry or why we came here to Wisconsin, you can read more about it HERE

If you would like to be on our mailing or email prayer list for updates, let me know below (with your e-mail address) or send me a message through the box on this blog and I'll add you to the list. :-) 

Our home in the snow . . . 

Cheerful visitors this past winter . . . :-)

One of our rabbits climbed into the hay bin while I was cleaning out her cage. :-) We'll be building an enclosure for her and her sister outside soon, too . . . 

The arrival of spring means that I can burn again! :-) Hopefully, I won't accidentally burn our field down again like I did last year . . . haha; I seem to have a proclivity for doing these kinds of things!!

My 10-year-old nephew is always helping me in different ways outside; here he is chopping a tree limb that fell this past winter . . . :-) He and my niece are such a blessing to me . . . 

A sweet deer in the field across from our home . . . 

And here are a couple recommendations of things that I've/we've been enjoying lately--my husband gave me this CD for Valentine's Day this past February. Those of you who know me well know that one of my favorite movies is a Christian film called Old Fashioned (you can read my review for that film HERE). 

The CD --oh; I love it! It so perfectly compliments the film and was such a precious gift. If you have never seen Old Fashioned and would like to, you may find it HERE on Amazon. It is truly a beautiful film that speaks to the heart . . . I can't recommend it highly enough . . . 

And here are two devotionals that my kids and I have been enjoying; oh--I love these! I highly recommend Kenneth N. Taylor's devotionals for kids--they are simply written without detracting from the Biblical message and the illustrations are wonderful! I also recommend this devotional from Rod and Staff. It is a great devotional for young children (you can find it through a company called Milestone Books). 

And there you have it--an update and some recommendations! Again, please feel free to join the mailing list for our prayer letter for our ministry. I've also started a Facebook group for our ministry and you can join that by clicking HERE and asking to join. I would love to have you and am so grateful for your prayers! 

And finally . . .  :-) 

The Lord bless you, each and every one! 

Friday, January 25, 2019

A Valentine's Giveaway! :-)

“Until the will and the affections are brought under the authority of Christ, we have not begun to understand, let alone accept, His Lordship. The Cross, as it enters the love life, will reveal the heart’s truth.”
~Elisabeth Elliot


It's no secret; I love Valentine's Day. It's a holiday that brings back so many nostalgic, wonderful memories for me from my childhood and just sweetens the wintry month of February with its warmth. 

For a few years now, I've held a Valentine's Giveaway here on the blog. :-) I love these giveaways; they are so fun for me and I hope that they bring joy to you! I am praying that one of my readers will be blessed by this giveaway. 💗

This year, I am giving away a couple of wonderful resources and some other fun items (pictured below :-)) . . . 

Here is what this giveaway contains! 😊

This is a copy of my precious sister's novel about missionary David Brainerd and Jonathan Edward's daughter, Jerusha. This book will bless and feed your soul. It is a beautiful, fictional re-telling of these real characters in history combining fiction with a great detail of carefully researched historical fact. It is a beautiful, poignant love story that is both challenging and encouraging. You can read my review of A Holy Passion HERE

Old Fashioned is one of my favorite films. It's a movie that has just deeply touched my heart and I love to share its message with others. I watch this film over and over again (and this is from a person who doesn't watch a lot of movies because I have young children! :-)). If you have never seen Old Fashioned, please read my review HERE. It's a film that will just leave your spirit so full. It's not your typical Christian movie--Old Fashioned is a gritty, sensitive love story with so much depth and artistry and above all else, that points to Christ Jesus. 

I was introduced to Little Hope's Blessings through a friend's blog. :-) Ang makes such delightful things, like this rose-scented lotion and various other crafts/personal care items. I thought that this lotion (and the accompanying "bath bomb"--the other item of hers that I am giving away) --haha; that sounds dangerous! ;-) was just perfect for this giveaway! 💟

Oh, the Russell Stover chocolate heart. 😋So many fond memories of this Valentine's "staple" that reminds me of my childhood. My Mom and Dad would always give each of my sisters and I one of these on Valentine's Day. We looked forward to this so much and savored every chocolate it contained (except the jelly-filled one--I didn't like that one as a child! :-)). 
I included it in this giveaway for nostalgia's sake. :-) (this in not the one that I had as a child, by the way--this is a fresh one--haha! ;-)--in case you were nervous!)

I printed and framed one of my favorite quotes from Anne of Green Gables. :-). This quote always reminds me of Lamentations 3:23--that His mercies are new every morning--and who doesn't like to start their morning with a delightful, delicious cup of tea? (or coffee, in my case! ;-))

I hope that you enjoy this giveaway! I had so much fun putting it together! The Lord bless each one of you as you contemplate His great love for each of His dear children! 💟

Enter the giveaway below! 😊
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Monday, January 14, 2019

Romantic, Feminine, Easy-to Use Hair Clips and Accessories

 Dear friends, I've begun selling Lilla Rose flexi clips and hair accessories as a fun way to supplement our family's income. As a stay-at-home, homeschooling Mom of two children, Lilla Rose is a way that I am able to help our family financially right from our home. :-) 

I am finding more and more that it is a really wonderful company to work for. I have already been connected with many other Christian sisters who also sell Lilla Rose as well as been introduced in a greater way to the many beautiful and useful products that Lilla Rose offers. 

Lilla Rose is not a "Christian" company, but many believers are involved in it--both in the administration department as well as in the sales end. I like this about Lilla Rose as well as the fact that their hair accessories encourage femininity and are so easy to use and effective! :-)

Aren't they lovely and feminine? This one reminds me of Anne of Green Gables . . . :-)

My niece wearing a Lilla rose flexi clip :-)

When I signed up for Lilla Rose, they gave me my own website URL and sent me their starter kit. This kit alone contained over a dozen beautiful hair accessories, such as the one below! It also contains business cards, a purple drop cloth useful for displays, pamphlets and other information that could be passed out to customers or prospective customers, as well as as other really useful selling tools! The starter kit itself was a treat to open! 

As I have been delving into learning about these products and connecting with other people who sell Lilla Rose, I have been impressed by the quality of these clips and accessories as well as very blessed to be able to ask questions through Facebook groups and of my group's leader and receive detailed, really helpful answers very quickly. It is truly a great company to work for; I now understand why many stay-at-home Moms choose Lilla Rose and really benefit from it.

After I joined Lilla Rose, I set up a Facebook group for anyone who wants to join to learn more about Lilla Rose and to be in involved in giveaways, etc. :-) If you would like to be a part of this group, please click on this link or on the picture below to join and I will add you to the group! 

If you have a chance, look over Lilla Rose's products; they are very unique and beautiful! This is one of my favorites for obvious reasons . . . :-)

I love these bobby pins as well! Lilla Rose sells such a wonderful variety of items! 

This month, Lilla Rose is also running a great sale that if you spend $40 or over, you receive  a free pair of bobbies. They have some really cute ones right now!! 

And finally, if anyone is curious about becoming a Lilla Rose stylist, please feel free to ask me any questions! I would love to answer them! If you are genuinely interested, please let me know either through messaging me on the side of this blog or commenting below. This is a fun, easy business that is great for some people and Lilla Rose is offering a great start-up price this month. 

So there you have it! :-) It was fun introducing my Lilla Rose business to you! :-)

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