Thursday, July 27, 2017

Finally! Another Family Movie to Recommend! :-)

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It seems so rare nowadays to find a good family movie to recommend that I am thrilled when I do! My movie-starved husband (we have small children and are rarely able to watch movies together) can often be found entreating me to please watch a movie with him after the kids are asleep and alas, at times I succumb. ;-) I knew that he was getting extremely desperate when he recommended Cinderella to me--desperate situations call for desperate measures. :-). 

All jesting aside, I enjoyed Cinderella so very much--much more than I thought that I would enjoy it, to be honest. I was bracing myself for a sappy, happy-ending "chick flick," but this film far exceeded my expectations in terms of depth and substance. 

Cinderella is a wonderful family movie, especially for families with older children (I personally wouldn't allow younger children to view it because of the romantic elements and some adult themes). The film as a whole was solid, basically true to the original version of Cinderella, and extremely engaging. The following are reasons that I really enjoyed the film and would recommend it:

  • The main character is feminine, sweet, and courageous. I loved the depiction of Cinderella in this film (one of the main reasons that I liked the film so much!) She is not a "covert" or overt feminist as is unfortunately true of the female characters in so many modern films. She carries herself in a very feminine way without being silly or flighty. She also serves, forgives, speaks the truth, endures suffering graciously, and refuses to be embittered by her circumstances. The depiction of Cinderella in this movie is a truly excellent example to young Christian girls of what teenage girlhood could/should look like. As someone who was dismayed (to put it mildly ;-)) by the depiction of the female characters in the movie Frozen, Cinderella is a breath of fresh air. 
  • The theme of forgiveness and long-suffering that are developed throughout the film. Cinderella is an excellent example for girls of both, themes that are unusual to see in the films of today.
  • The Prince is a good example of masculinity. He carries himself with dignity, honor, and chivalry, important qualities for young men to pick up on and emulate. 
  • The language/thematic elements were very clean, with a few minor exceptions, discussed below. There was also no use of the Lord's Name taken in vain, even when there was an opportunity to do so. 
  • I loved the deep kindness expressed towards the Lord's creation in terms of the animal world. I found that element of the film very sweet and appealing. 
  • The humor in the movie was tactful, funny, and clean (with a few minor exceptions). 

Overall, I found Cinderella to be a beautiful, edifying film, with a few minor exceptions:

  • Cinderella's extremely low-cut blue dress, which unfortunately graces the cover of the film. The dress was actually inconsistent with Cinderella's character, which was continually modest and gracious. Just a little more fabric, please!! :-) 
  • A few mildly vulgar parts that weren't really necessary involving the fairy godmother--but again, very minor. 
  • The theme running throughout the film to be kind and have courage--as if a person could be these things apart from the Lord. Kindness and courage are both good qualities, but empty without Christ. I chose to apply them as if Christ was enabling and to think of them Biblically rather than in a secular mindset--as true kindness and courage only being possible through the power of the Holy Spirit. My Mom would often do this with films when my sisters and I grew up--she would apply Biblical principles to films that were clean but not overtly Christian and see them through the eyes of Christ Jesus. I could just imagine her saying something along the lines of, "Well, of course--take courage in the Lord; be kind as He is kind." And voila! No longer a "secular" message devoid of the Gospel. This would be a good discussion to have with your children.

I really believe that families would enjoy and benefit from watching this film together. I especially believe that young girls/women who are starving for good role models to follow would benefit from watching this film. So pop some popcorn and enjoy a good, clean family movie in the last few weeks of summer. :-) You'll be glad that you did. :-) 

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Lilias Trotter Giveaway Winner!

Announcing the Lilias Trotter Giveaway Winner . . . 

Congratulations Katie A. ! 

Please respond to the e-mail that was sent to you so that I may mail off the giveaway prize to you! 

Thank you to everyone else who entered; I hope that it was fun and and that your interest was piqued to learn more about the life and witness of Lilias Trotter. :-)

If you are interested in purchasing the DVD or the biography about Lilias Trotter's life, you may click on the following links:

Have a blessed week, friends! 

Friday, July 7, 2017

~A Lilias Trotter Giveaway~

One of the most precious gifts that my Mom gave to me growing up was a love and a nurturing of my love for missionary and Christian biographies. Next to the Word of God, the Lord has used His stories of men and women who gave up their "earthly all" to take up their cross and to follow Him in a tremendous way in my life. Filling my mind with accounts of the lives of Oswald Chambers, John Paton, Amy Carmichael, Adoniram Judson, James Fraser, William Tyndale, and many others has fostered in me a yearning to imitate these men and women in a very small way. I am so grateful for the gift of their lives and testimonies! I (truthfully) could never "get into" theological tomes--although I tried to read them! But missionary stories and stories of Christians who walked closely with the Lord--I ate them up and the Lord gave me an insatiable hunger to read about His servants. I'm thankful for this because it taught me by example that one really could follow the Lord wholeheartedly--that through the power of the Holy Spirit, this kind of life of surrender is possible. No one does it perfectly--but each one has the capacity through His power working in and through us to pursue an obedient, surrendered life and to make the most of the time that is given to us. Praise God that He does the work through us as we surrender to Him . . . nothing is impossible for Him. 

Many of you know about my love for the missionary Lilias Trotter and her writings and art. I have wanted to run this giveaway for a while now, in the hopes that it might introduce more of you to this wonderful servant of our Lord and Savior! My prayer is that more people will read her writings and in turn, recommend them to others; may the Lord be glorified through her precious example of faith and obedience. 

Included in this giveaway are:

 ~Lilias Trotter's biography, written by Miriam Huffman Rockness. This wonderful biography details Lilias's life and ministry in a detailed and engaging way. It really challenged and encouraged me. 

The recent documentary made about Lilias Trotter's life entitled Many Beautiful Things. I enjoyed this documentary very much--although it doesn't go into as much detail as the biography, it whets one's appetite to learn more about this obedient servant of God.

~Two beautiful bookmarks made by my precious friend Stephanie. Stephanie blogs over at The Enchanting Rose and if you have never visited her blog, you are missing out on a real treat for the soul! She shares recipes, book reviews, sewing projects, hymn spotlights, as well as other lovely and encouraging topics. I was so blessed by Stephanie's offering these bookmarks for the giveaway; I love the way that she beautifully designed them with flowers and delicate lace. They are so pretty and feminine and perfect for using in the biography of Lilias Trotter or any other book that you are reading! Stephanie also has a wonderful Etsy shop, Rose Petal Blessings, that she continually adds beautiful items to--and she offers free shipping as well! If you have never visited her store, I would encourage you to; you will love it! 

Please enter the giveaway below and share about it with friends! I know that Lilias' Trotter's testimony will bless your life richly. 

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