Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Nothing is Too Hard for the Lord

 Dear Friends, 

The last post that I wrote about our ministry here detailed the difficulties that we have been undergoing. We were stuck at a roadblock, unable to move forward in the way that we believed the Lord was leading us. 

My heart was heavy for a number of months and I felt baffled, laying the whole situation before the Lord morning by morning. 

Local ordinances and laws were blocking the way; we were unable to move forward.  

Finally, we decided that perhaps building onto our own home was the only way. We continued to pray and to seek the Lord's direction. I wrote about this decision on my blog. 

I felt uneasy in my spirit. 

Whenever I feel this way, I sense that it is the Lord speaking to me, telling me to stop and wait and to continue in prayer. 

For many months, the way continued to be closed to us. 

However, through a series of unusual circumstances, the Lord showed us a loophole in the law that would require us to rezone our property but that would also enable us to go forward. 

Step by step, the way slowly opened to us. Our land was surveyed, we submitted our request to the local town board, and then to the county board. It was a long and tedious process that took many months. 

At the end of the process, our request was approved. 

And here we are. At the end of a long and winding road of many tears, prayers, doubts, fears, and faith in a mighty God who is able to do great and mighty things when there seems to be no way. 

And now we go forward with grateful hearts. 

Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we begin to make plans to renovate the Missionary House. I will continue to provide updates here as the Lord leads me and as I am able to. If anyone would like to join our prayer group for our ministry where I post more frequently, the link is HERE. 

Praising the Lord for all that He has done,