Friday, March 8, 2013

Reflection: A Poem

I wrote this when a beloved brother-friend came to salvation in Jesus and in whose life the Son of Light made all things new ...

The beauty of his amber eyes-

         His face

     Alive in light

The Son of Glory rising in the East


The mortal clouds—

      The moon

          Now humbly creeps away

                 The day

In every touch and whisper


  Into the open sky-

His eyes

   Like amber

            So alive

The sparks of truth and grace

               Proceed forth from the Son

      The living, breathing One

Who steps into a life and makes it new

    The hammer

             That had fallen hard

                   Upon His hands

                His feet—

The hammer

     That had caused Him pain

             And anguish

          Is no more

And life restored

     Lifts up her hands in victory


   Free am I—

        Through Him

The Man

     The Son of Man, of God,

          The Glory of the Father

Who is the Risen Light

       So bright

     And we are a reflection of that grace-

They see it,

      Do they see it

            In our amber eyes



             And full of grace and glory---

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