Friday, October 1, 2021

Summer of Mercies and a Ministry Update


Oh these days passing swiftly bring changes I know 

And as time marches on, from this place we must go . . . 

The ocean (about 7 years ago in Rhode Island)

The ocean near my home in RI

It's been about about 6 years since I left my childhood home in Rhode Island and moved to the "great unknown" --the Midwest-- many of you know the reason, but for those who do not, this was why--

I dearly miss my "wholesome island upbringing," and have yet to go back to that dear place, but the Lord has given me many joys in this new place as well. For these, I am grateful, even though at times I grow lonely for my "old haunts," such as Burial Hill in Plymouth Massachusetts, Colt State Park, and the beautiful woods that I walked in so many times as a girl and young woman growing up in the tiny Ocean State. 

Woods near my home in RI

The realization hits me every once in a while . . . you can never completely go back to the place where the Lord has called you from . . . even though you can treasure the memories and place any hurts in the loving hands of the Creator. One day, our Lord will wipe every tear from our eyes.  For now, He stores those tears in His bottle and keeps them in that sacred place of His great love and compassion. 

I have found His beauty here in the Midwest where He has called our family. He gives joy in this place through the great vast skies, the beautiful sunsets, the fields of wildflowers, the shy deer and other wildlife, the fertile earth so eager for the gardener to cultivate. Here, He gives grace and beauty. 

Field behind our barn

It's been a good, long whole since I've given an update on our lives and ministry here in Wisconsin, and so I felt that it was time to do so . . . :-) The summer was busy with outside work, and I'll try to be more consistent during these quieter fall and winter months. No promises, but I'll try. :-) 

On the home front, we've been ever-busy in the garden, from early spring until late summer (and are laboring, still! :-)) This is a project that I and my children, Deborah and Elisha, mostly work on together. It's good for them and for me. :-) I will admit that sometimes I have to be pulled out of the garden like a stubborn carrot as dark approaches. The warm months are so short here and the winter is so long; I like to "drink it all in" while I may!

We have a little farm stand as well, and that is a fun family project. It's enjoyable selling produce and baked goods through the summer months. 

Now that we've started back up homeschooling, we don't have quite as much time to spend outdoors . . . but we are already looking forward to next year's garden, the Lord willing . . . 

On the ministry front, things have been very quiet. I've grown familiar with these "waiting times" that the Lord gives, and am eager to see what He will do next in our lives here with Herrnhut. We have completed the "first phase" of the Missionary House and are concentrating on the second phase right now--putting in a septic system and then later, heating the Missionary House. Please pray for us as we move forward in the direction that He has for us; we covet your prayers. Please pray boldly that He will send His showers of blessing in due season; He is the Lord of the "growing" of this ministry and of the harvest. 

Progress on the "Missionary House"--

That was a brief update, but I'll continue to share with you as I'm able . . . we are grateful for your prayers, as always . . . 

Many changes have come into my life (perhaps into yours too, friend), and I've found that only God can give the grace that is needed to accept those changes . . . Some changes I have embraced; others have been more difficult, and as I struggle with the difficult ones, I find strength in the truth of these words written by one of my favorite missionaries, Amy Carmichael--may you find strength in the God of these truths as well, friend . . . We walk together on this path of life that ever stretches toward our true and lasting home--

He said, I will accept the breaking sorrow
Which God tomorrow will to His son explain
Not vain the word, not vain--
For in acceptance lieth peace.


  1. It was great to stumble upon your update, my friend. I say stumble upon because just today, I did my first blog post in a year, and your blog was at the top of my reading list. :) I do miss blogging. It was nice to read your update and see the building progress. I look forward to more photos. You know how I love photos! :)

  2. I love that photo of the field behind your barn!! I so look forward to each of your posts - they are always so encourgaging...a bit of a respite in this crazy world of ours! And your photos are just beautiful. I so wish I could capture God's blessings like that! Here's to a month ahead full of gentle, grace-filled days!!