Wednesday, March 31, 2021

A Month of Mercies~~March 2021

Morning by morning, new mercies I see . . . March 2021

Instead of sharing a weekly update on this blog's Facebook page as I've done in the past, I decided to share a monthly update HERE instead. I had been telling about how the Lord had moved and worked in my life in words and pictures every week, but it has been difficult to keep up. Therefore, I felt led to do this on a monthly basis on my blog instead, and then to share it with you all! I pray that it is a blessing to you. Truly, it is good to give praise to the Lord--this practice lifts my heart and reminds me that the Lord is at work in His people's lives in both great and small ways. Blessed be His name!

So without further ado, this past month the Lord has blessed me and spoken to me through~

~Starting my flowers indoors with my children . . . this always brings gladness to my heart as we push the tiny seeds into the soil and wait for the Lord to cause the light of the sun to shine upon the plants and to cause them to grow. There is so much of the grace and mercy of God in planting . . . 

~Remembering that HE is our strength and our song through all of the trials and difficulties of life . . . this world is not our final resting place~~

~We celebrated the Passover at our church this month; what an incredible blessing~~ these were the cupcakes that we brought to share for dessert after we celebrated the Passover meal. 

~Daffodils blooming near our home . . . and the anticipation for waiting for our "row" of daffodils to bloom.

~A friendly Robin sheltered on our front step during a late snow . . . 

~And finally, work HAS BEGUN on The Missionary House (a piece of our family's ministry here in the Midwest). More details to come on that later :-). This has brought great joy and hope to my heart in the midst of a very difficult year of sorrow over the direction that our country has taken . . . 

 Praise the Lord; He lives! He moves and works in our lives. I pray that you will have a very blessed Easter . . . I would love to hear about how the Lord is moving in your life as well . . . the Lord bless and keep each one of you . . . 

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