Monday, December 8, 2014

Why We Celebrate Christmas

The line was really long--

The kind of line that you try to avoid--

The kind of line that you get stuck in because you have two coupons that you want to use and they expire today. 

So you're stuck in a line and you're tapping your foot and glancing at your watch and eavesdropping in on the conversations around you. 

And the girl behind me was frustrated --there with her grandmother--her grandmother who understood little English--and the girl spoke under her breath--

Why do we celebrate the holidays anyway? To give presents? Isn't that what birthdays are for? 

And I heard her words, her flung-out words into that store and they shook me.

Because it suddenly struck me that many in the younger generation don't even understand what Christmas is all about anymore. 

We live in a society where Jesus has been so carefully and subtly removed that the holidays don't signify what they once did, even 50 years ago. 

Not that the whole of society had a saving relationship with the Lord, but, as a whole, I think that we understood the why of Christmas a little more clearly. 

And the Enemy has so distracted our minds and our hearts in these days that many, many don't even understand why we stop and remember--

Remember the little Baby in the manger, remember the hush of that night long ago, the glow of angel's breath in the chill air, the wonder and the beauty of the Son of God come to earth. 

For all mankind. 

Mankind who has now forgotten Him, forgotten why He came, even forgotten that He came. 

How do we tell them? 

How do we tell our neighbors and our friends and those we come into contact with that He came, touch their hearts with the message of Christmas, of our Savior's birth.

By living the truth of His coming.

In whatever sphere He has placed us--

Living before our children, before our relatives, before our friends and neighbors, before Him

Making a conscious effort to place the Messiah at the center of our celebrations, of our rejoicing, of our cooking, baking, shopping--

Living in an uncluttered, undistracted way that points ourselves and others to Jesus. 

This will look different in different people's lives--but in every believer's life will be authentic, life giving, joy-offering. 

He can teach us and give us the grace to do it. 

So that others may know--

Why we celebrate Christmas. 

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  1. It was really cool to be close to you in the link up today when we are linking up on such similar topics! We're talking about the "Reason for the Season?"

  2. Rebekah...hope true it is that Jesus has slowly been removed from Christmas celebrations even though He is why we celebrate to begin with. I just shared a post about how to make Him the focus last week. Our family does two devotions, one in the morning and one in the evening, so we remember the sole Reason for Christmas. Thank you for sharing your thoughts at Monday's Musings.

    1. Naomi, heading over to read your post now :-). I'm so glad that you stopped by; thank you for hosting the link-up. It is so encouraging to hear about how you and your family seek to honor the Lord Jesus in your preparation for Christmas. May He bless you--:-).

  3. Love this! I was thinking this would even be a great conversation starter for non believers, "why do you celebrate Christmas?"

    For the glory of our king and the advancement of HIS kingdom!!

    1. Jessica, I think that it would! Thanks for stopping by; have a blessed week :-).

  4. So grateful you were the post before me in a linkup today. That is a most thought provoking & sad question. May we be sure this next generation hears the Only reason we celebrate Christmas. Blessings to you!

    1. Yes; so true--we hold His blessed hope; it is so important that we live as children of the light--I'm glad that you stopped by; blessings to you, too! :-)

  5. How sad it is that so many young people don't know who Jesus is or why we celebrate Christmas. May we impact them through living out who we are in Christ!

    1. Yes, Amy! Thank you for visiting--have a blessed week :-)

  6. So true younger generation has forgotten the meaning of Christmas.....

    1. Yes, I think it is so sad, but of course also gives us the opportunity to share the wonderful news of the coming of the Lord with them. My prayer is that my heart would be open to the need for those around me to hear and to tell them when the Lord gives me the opportunity.

      Thank you for visiting; have a blessed week!

  7. A very true and poignant post, thanks for sharing at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings