Friday, April 19, 2013

A Place of Rest

Come, O Lord and be our Guest

May You in our home find rest

Yielded, wholly, through and through

And our hearts be filled with You

Come into our dusty rooms

Sweep the cobwebs with Your broom

Of relentless, burning grace

That Yourself we touch and taste

Open up our homely hearts

Where the gift of service starts

Heal our souls and drive them to

The balm of healing that is You

Then open up our doors that we

May other hungry souls then feed

With hospitality’s fresh bread

A cup of soup, a clean warm bed

May many come to be our guests

And find within our home true rest

The Holy Spirit will impart

The gift of healing to their hearts

And may it be a house of prayer

Where many, weary, entering there

Would find fresh strength upon their knees

Beside a brook, beneath the trees

May our home be ever kept

By You, Lord, as a place of rest

Where hope burns keenly and its light

Shines brightly through the lonely night

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